Sunday, January 18, 2015

SoCal Winter Gyaru Meetup 2015!

Is it bad that I'm so new to blogging that I don't even know how to open this post? Hm. Well, anyways. This weekend was the first (of hopefully way more) SoCal winter gyaru meetup! It was pretty small, only Tia, Jasmine and me. It was definitely so much fun though. (Prepare yourself for a spam of purikura)

I finally wore out a full amekaji outfit. I guess OTT amekaji? Is that a thing? Well, either way, I loved my coord. 

Photo from Tia, thank you bby!! (Hat: Cocolulu, Shirt: JSG, Bracelets: Cocolulu (black + pink), Baby Shoop (yellow), Belt: Blue Moon Blue, Jeans: Offbrand (They're from Kohls, but I don't remember which brand!), Shoes: Offbrand (DC)

All our nails from the day! (From top, clockwise: Jasmine, Tia, me)

Our meet started by going out to get some amazing ramen. I don't know the name of the restaurant, but oh my god, I will be going back. 

Shio Ramen.
After lunch, we went shopping together and I bought way too much food that I ended up eating that day (shame on me!). Sorry, no pictures of that, either! But I bought, like, 3 Yuzu drinks. I really want to try an actual yuzu now, but they aren't sold here. Probably some restriction doesn't allow them to be sold. I don't know.

We ended up running low on time (our meet was only 3 hours), so we decided to hit up the purikura booths. And wow, we took a LOT of photos there.

Editing our photos~

All my purikura from the day
Can we talk about how cute Tia and Jasmine are? Tia's hair was so perfect, I'm jealous. Jasmine's coord was so on point. And don't even get me started on how amazing their makeup is! *^*

Purikura Spam!!



I genuinely can't wait to have more meetups. It was so much fun. 

How do you end blog posts that aren't reviews? :>


  1. You all look so cute! <3 Your purikura machine is so much better than the one we have in the UK... The decorations aren't as cute over here D:

    1. Thank you!! <3 Tbh we're so spoiled here with our purikura machines, we have one that's really new (maybe 2012-2013?) and the rest are all less than 5 years old I think. *^*